Who We Are

SafeCode is a B2B professional services firm providing high-assurance development of software-based systems.  We have what it takes to bring your project to completion. When safety and security are paramount, look to SafeCode. Click here to learn more.

What We Do

SafeCode helps clients tackle their most challenging systems development problems. Whether you need to enhance your processes, rescue a project in trouble, or simply off-load development of one or more components or sub-systems, we can help.  If your team needs training or coaching on techniques that make high-assurance development better, we can do that too.

Our Background

SafeCode consultants have experience that spans several highly-regulated and rigorous development environments, and they draw from the best-practices across those domains. They have helped their clients in developing standards, improving processes, and of course, creating high-quality software-based systems. What could they do to help you?

Our Markets

SafeCode works in markets where the costs of a single software failure can be prohibitively high.  Our consultants have demonstrated the knowledge and discipline that such markets require.  Our people have established expertise in:

Domains -
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Medical Technology
  • Automation Systems
  • Manufacturing
  • Identity Systems
Specializations -
  • Development
  • Modeling / Analysis
  • HW/SW Integration
  • Software Assurance
  • Test Automation
  • IOT Security

What Next?

Contact us today to learn what we can do to help you with your project.