My2Cents - Founder's Blog

The following articles are posted on My2Cents, the original blog of SafeCode's founder, Max Hinkley.  While it hasn't been maintained or updated with any regularity, this blog has been around since 2006.

I can't explain why I can't explain it. It's so clear to me!
My 2 Cents
  1. In the software industry things that end in OS are typically better than if the OS were missing…  K-OS, er, chaos is not like that. When chaos ensues, nothing goes well.
  2. The purported impossible proves plausible. Zero-defect software is a reality.
  3. Learn about SafeCode, LLC & the Safety-Critical Professionals' Network.
  4. How well does your process down-size?
  5. Hint: The article says to read the book!
  6. A new site feature; in case reading my content just isn't enough for you ;).
  7. Insights and work-arounds to simplify your life.
  8. Oh, the fun I could have!
  9. What makes defensive programming so offensive?
  10. Now if I could just fit them all in my handy utility belt.