SafeCode is a B2B professional services firm serving providing high-assurance development of software-based systems.  With expertise in Aerospace, Defense, Medical Devices, and Industrial & Test Automation, SafeCode has what it takes to bring your project to completion. When safety and security are paramount, look to SafeCode.


 Why SafeCode? What does that mean?  "Safe Code" is software (a.k.a. code) that does what it supposed to - without fail.  In the real world, there is no such thing as software that cannot crash.  Even if the software was completely bug free, the underlying hardware may fail. The point is that, in some applications, so long as the software is in control, it must ensure that failures are safe, that security is maintained, and that operations that cannot be performed will be reported and/or logged.


 SafeCode, LLC and SafeCode Technologies, Inc. are Minnesota companies working in partnership to bring the quality practices to the high-assurance systems marketplace.   SafeCode is veteran-owned and operated.

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